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S-WAX E-BIKE - Chain Lube - All Seasons

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E-Bike engine adds a lot of power to your drive train and chain, with time you can notice your lube last less than on a regular bike, making your chain to be always dry.

To solve this common e-biker problem, we created the S-WAX E-BIKE. 

S-WAX E-BIKE has more and bigger lube compound and it is thicker than our regular S-WAX, making it last longer in a high wattage and temperature equipment.

Instructions are the same as our other lubes :

* On a clean and degreased chain, apply one drop on each link

* Let it dry for a couple of hours

* Go ride

*When you get back, clean your chain with a dry cloth

* Apply it again (if needed) and let it dry

* Ride again