S-WAX - The Eco Friendly Chain Lubricant Wax


S-Wax biggest pro is being 100% Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly, it's formula contains only natural products, and it can be disposed anywhere.

Perhaps it is the only chain lubricant made of 100% wax and “zero water added” on the market.

In addition, S-Wax wax contains Carnauba Wax in its composition. 

Reinforcing, S-Wax is one of the only, if not the only lubricant based on wax that does not contain water mixed with it's formula. You are not buying water.

Carnauba Wax is an exclusive compound present in Session's chain lubricant formula. This natural wax guarantees a lubricated chain for more miles, in addition to a silent drivetrain.

Keeping your bike's chain well lubricated contributes to more efficient cycling,  improves the rider's performance and makes your equipment last longer. 

This small but consistent extra watts gain, helps cyclists perform, especially on long rides.


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S-Wax is recommended for which cycling modalities?

Really common question, and the answer is simple, S-Wax Lubricating Wax is recommended for all cycling modalities.

For Triathlon, Road, Mountain Bike (XC, Enduro, Trail, Downhill, etc) for example.

All types of cyclists can benefit from good lubrication. Either to reduce maintenance and cleaning, or to improve the performance of your bicycle.

Commuters and urban cyclists love S-Wax for its low dirt retention. Thus avoiding occasional stains on the leg or clothes.

However, the most advanced recreational cyclists and competitive athletes will also benefit from a stop-free drivetrain for new lubrication on most pedals, training and races.

Just enjoy the views, and focus on the numbers of your workout and doing your best.


Remove residues of other lubricants while cycling

With about 10 applications, the S-Wax can eliminate most contaminants from other lubricants contained in its chain. 

This is possible thanks to the “ Agent S “, present in the S-Wax formula.

Any mineral oil molecule retained in the chain links is repelled and each application or S-Wax brings more performance. At any given time, it will be the only lubricant present in your relationship.

Does S-Wax keep the bike's chain and gear clean?

With easy removal and without the need to buy another type of cleaning product, the S-Wax can come out in a simple wash.

Cyclists who use this lubricant realize that each wash the product becomes easier to clean.

In addition, Agent S helps remove mineral oil particles that make cleaning your bike's drivetrain very difficult.

How to apply S-Wax Wax based lubricant?

The application is easy, Session lubricant wax can be applied minutes before your pedal. 

With your chain clean ( preferably) apply a few drops of S-Wax to all links in the chain.

It is highly recommended that you wait about 20 minutes and then start your workout or ride. Both beginners and advanced cyclists will easily apply S-Wax.

Where to buy Session Lubricant?

Right now you will find S-WAX at our website www.session-usa.com or CLICK HERE 

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I currently use Moultons (maybe 2 months) and Smoove (every 3-4 ride). How does your product compare?

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